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Freelance Journalism

Tips, tricks and support to be the wildly successful freelancer you wanna be

Serious, Successful Nonfiction Freelancing
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The great thing about being a full-time freelance writer is that you can work all day in your pajamas, avoid the stress of a commute and don't have to deal with Smitty in the next cube regaling you with stories of his ill-begotten weekend trip to the in-laws. But the big down side is that we spend most of our days with nothing but our phones and our iTunes libraries to keep us company. When an editor sends you a particularly vitriolic rejection, when a check is late and rent is due and when you have an awesome interview, you don't have Smitty to lean on. You're on your own.

There are lots of places on the web where professional freelance writers can get support and ideas. Most of them benefit from members with extensive freelancing experience and fees. Luckily, none of that is required on LiveJournal. Instead, fl_journalism is meant to be your freelance cheerleader and help you do the work you need to do to be successful. I want us to work together--through bribery and competition if necessary--to push our limits and query publications that are most foreign to us.

Here's the process for joining our little gang:
* apply above.
* The Maintainer will contact you and ask you about your freelance experience. Because we want to keep the group focused on support for working freelancers, we have to limit our membership to working freelance journalists. While we love freelance fiction writers and journalists pining for the freelance life, we need the support of people currently working in the field. (Many of us are also members of journalists and newsroom, so questions about breaking into freelancing will be ably answered in those forums.)
* Once you confirm that you're a working freelancer, you will be added and feel free to post away. (Many of our comments and posts are f-locked, but feel free to post openly.)

So let's put our heads together, support one another and become wildly successful and prosperous!

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